Monthly Archives: March 2020

Happy Ever Laughter

‘Once upon a time’

to ‘happy ever laughter’:

from start to the end.

A Haiku for you

This is ‘your’ haiku,

it’s precious, look after it,

it will serve you well.

“Cosy Tanka, anyone?”

“Keep away from me!
I am trying to stay free
of the cruel virus.”
“But, we just want to join you,
become a cosy Tanka.”

Herdog’s Blanket

“It’s ‘Herdog’s Blanket!”

“What is? What are you saying?”

“Just being silly.”


Do Butterflies Have Parties?

I saw a butterfly

in the sky

flutter by;

I don’t know why;

perhaps he,

or, maybe, she,

was on their way

to a…


The Sadness of Sardines

I don’t really know

how a sardine feels;

or any fish,

if truth be told;

but I’m sure they’re fine

whilst swimming around;

but, when crammed in a tin,

like… well, tightly,

I bet they’re not so happy.

Lockdown Diary

Lockdown, Day 1

Diary entry:

Stocked up with lots of food,

should be a doddle.

Lockdown, Day 2

Diary entry:

Ran out of chocolate eggs,

damn this cruel lockdown.

Lockdown, Day 153

Diary entry:

I ate my left foot, today;

it was less than nice.

Lockdown, Day 413

Diary entry:

just a whoosh of tumbleweed,

and all blank pages