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Happy Ever Laughter

‘Once upon a time’

to ‘happy ever laughter’:

from start to the end.

A Haiku for you

This is ‘your’ haiku,

it’s precious, look after it,

it will serve you well.

“Cosy Tanka, anyone?”

“Keep away from me!
I am trying to stay free
of the cruel virus.”
“But, we just want to join you,
become a cosy Tanka.”

Herdog’s Blanket

“It’s ‘Herdog’s Blanket!”

“What is? What are you saying?”

“Just being silly.”


Do Butterflies Have Parties?

I saw a butterfly

in the sky

flutter by;

I don’t know why;

perhaps he,

or, maybe, she,

was on their way

to a…


The Sadness of Sardines

I don’t really know

how a sardine feels;

or any fish,

if truth be told;

but I’m sure they’re fine

whilst swimming around;

but, when crammed in a tin,

like… well, tightly,

I bet they’re not so happy.

Lockdown Diary

Lockdown, Day 1

Diary entry:

Stocked up with lots of food,

should be a doddle.

Lockdown, Day 2

Diary entry:

Ran out of chocolate eggs,

damn this cruel lockdown.

Lockdown, Day 153

Diary entry:

I ate my left foot, today;

it was less than nice.

Lockdown, Day 413

Diary entry:

just a whoosh of tumbleweed,

and all blank pages

Mrs Pearsons Cottage (Unvisited)

I’ve never been there,

and I know not what

there is there;

so if you are to visit,

is it safe?

I don’t know.

Are you as stray as a waif?

Can you cope with the unknown?

Should you go accompanied upon the piano,

or sole mio alone?

But, if you do go,

please report back,

whether it is, ‘hurrah! hooray!’

or, ‘alas! alack!’

Mrs Pearsons Cottage

is an enigma,

wrapped inside a conundrum,

coated with an oriental mystery sauce.

Mrs Pearsons Cottage

Mrs Pearsons Cottage (Revisited)

is the cottage

where all the Mrs Pearsons go,

if there’s ever a missing person,

by the name of Mrs Pearson;

that, is where she’s sure to go.

For Mrs Pearson Cottage (2018 version) clink link below.

Mrs Pearsons Cottage (2018)

Haiku? Myth or fact?

Just a few small words put in a certain order can make a haiku.

(as exampled below)

Just a few small words

put in a certain order

can make a haiku.