Hairy McClary’s Travels

Not many people (one, if you include my self) know that Hairy McClary was written by a tall man who travelled between Glasgow and Berwick, Krannock Muir, Aberdeen, and Galbraith, with the occasional visits to Aberystwyth, Belfast, Bangalore, and Dublin – just like the travels of my Scottish accent. Although it may be a Scott’s Accent, or even a Scotch accent – but, as I don’t drink Scotch (Whiskey or otherwise) I cannae say.

Hairy McClary was born in Glasgow, hence he ‘has’ to have a Scotttiche accent; there is a Glasgow in Kentucky, America, but, my accent for that ancestry would cause Hairy McClary to travel the world in minutes, never mind eighty days.

No, truthfully, the Hairy McClary stories were written by a New Zealander, named Dame Lynley Dodd – although, what her parents were thinking when they called her ‘Dame’, I do not know; luckily she actually became a ‘Dame’ in 2009 and is now known as Dame Dame Lynley Dodd, what are the odds on that happening?

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