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There’s no Menhir – A Haiku

There’s no Menhir, like

a Cornish Menhir; and no

Womenhir at all.

We sat in the café

We sat in the café

and watched the rainbow guy;

when the rain had gone

the sun shone,

and we were warmed inside.

With You

With you

by my side

there is no need to hide

my feelings for you

are true

and I

have a life

in Cornwall

with you.

With you

in my life

(now, as my wife)

I am certain and sure

that I, you, my, your,


lives are complete,

mine, spending

my time


and seeing

the future

with you.

With you

is all I want to be,

to be with you.

I’ve never been the same (since I met you)

I’ve never been the same since I met you,

and when I met you, I knew,

I knew that I would never forget you,

and my feelings have grown stronger

for you,

for you have taken my heart;

and when we’re apart

I know it’s in safe hands with you.

Do I love you?

Yes, I do.

And I do ,

yes I do,

oh, I do

yes, I do.

I’m just like Jack Kerouac

I’m just like Jack


in my use

of the unusual ‘s’;

his ‘haikus’

and my ‘sheeps’

sets us apart from the rest.

I’m ‘there’ in the picture.

I’m ‘there’ in the picture,

can’t you see?

I’m the idjut swimming

in the cold of the sea;

I’m the one at the back

dawdling free;

I’m the clown at the fair

but no-one’s looking at me;

I’m the invisible man

stood next to the tree;

I’m the one who is missing

from the picture,

God bless me.

Mushroom Roulette

Mushroom Roulette

was the name of the game,

and a dangerous game it was;

six mushrooms were loaded upon a plate and one by one

they were chosen

and eaten

until somebody,

some unlucky soul

ate the one that was to end their

brief life.