Monthly Archives: February 2020

I found a pound

I found

a pound


the ground,

it was flat

and it was round—

well, not entirely round,

it wasn’t like a marble;

one of its three sides was round,

and, yes, I know

that the current pound

is no longer round,

so it probably wasn’t worth

the pound that it was

back then


it was originally struck –

just my luck.

Although a spherical pound

would be fun,

or one in the shape of a cube.

Maybe, in the future,

we shall have these,

just the one?

As I was going to St. Ive (pronounced ‘Eve’)

As I was going to St. Ive

(pronounced ‘Eve’)

I met a met a man whose name was St.eve,

he told me that he wouldn’t leave

(but not what or where he wouldn’t leave)

and it was then that he told me

that his name was St.eve.

The body on the landing

You left the dead body on the landing;

do you have no understanding

of how these criminal cases go?

The detective examined the body,

the coroner told him the cause:

‘A sharp bite to the back of the neck,

whilst held between two paws.’

And in your defence…?

A poem for a cold and frosty (Friday) morning.

My fingers type

the words;

no hype,

just honest

to goodness



in my fingers,

where I have none.

My brain



to keep the warmth

of creative thought alive;

but, there is a glimmer

from an unquenchable ember

that I have

deep in the heart of my being.

Emergency Haiku (2)

It said to, ‘break glass

In case of emergency’;

this haiku popped out.

My Back-up Haiku

My ‘Back-Up Haiku’

Has never ever been used…

until this moment.

An Emergency Haiku

There are times you need

an emergency haiku:

this is one of them.