Books (in the Book Shop Place)

Books (in the Book Shop Place)

Agatha Christie, Mills and Boon,

David Niven’s ‘The Moon’s A Balloon’,

JRR Tolkien and the Ring of Doom,

various titles around the room.

Seamus Heaney, Lewis Carroll,

‘How I Spent My Life in a Barrel’,

Enid Blyton’s ‘Famous Five’,

‘A Long Way Down’,

‘51 Ways For A Slug To Survive’.

A ‘Self-Help’ section over there;

but, please, please, please take care,

doing D.I.Y.

And may ‘I’ now suggest Fred Astaire’s

‘Dancing For Beginners’,

or, maybe, you could feel the economy of ‘100 Student Dinners’.

If you seek the meaning of the word,

‘Swashbuckling’ – a dictionary

(you may need a cutlas),

to find the treasure, an atlas;

or, perhaps, Ordnance Survey maps

which map out Devon and beyond –

speaking of ‘scurvy dogs’

there is a book on ‘Pet Care’

for those of whom we are most fond…

… and before you know it,

time has flown,

you have a bag of books,

that now ‘you’ own;

and off you toddle,

with a smile on your face,

having paid a visit

to the Book Shop place.

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