The Pilgrims of 1620

The Pilgrims of 1620

The Pilgrims set off

on their weary way,

across the sea

to the US of A.

Left Southampton

on a Summer’s day,

reaching Plymouth,

and by the way,

rumour has it that they stopped in Cornwall, too;

that promised land,

twixt the ocean blue.

Hence from Newlyn

they did depart,

with fresh Cornish water

to quell their heart.

Across the Atlantic

in a small wooden boat;

bobbing about in the sunshine,

in the gales they prayed it would float.

Reaching land, they prayed again,

their prayers would help them last,

they wanted to succeed,

become a new breed,

of Americans, hard and fast.

The Pilgrims set sail

four hundred years ago,

they succeeded then,

but all of them are dead, now,

and that is a fact that I know.

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