Love is a four-letter word

Love is a four-letter word

Love is a four-letter word,

though It’s not the worst that I’ve heard;

some of the other four-letter words, they’re no so nice,

they’re bland and boring, set me snoring, are similar to wood, and just like rice.

Just like rice

Just like rice

they are bland and boring

just like R.I.C.E. Rice.

I met a man from China

I made him lovely food,

he said my fayre was awful

I thought that that was rude;

I told him he was ungrateful

I think I told him twice;

he just looked at me,

and said ‘I just like rice.’

Just like rice,

Just like rice;

that little man

looked up to me

and told me

he liked R.I.C.E. Rice.

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