Fraulein Hübbeleiner

Fraulein Hübbeleiner

Fraulein Hübbeleiner did not exist,

until I made her up.

She lived in the mid-twentieth century,

in Verschadt-von-Krupp;

near to the border,

and next to the River Nachtsnapp –

Verschadt-von-Krupp has also just been created as a place for Fraulein Hübbeleiner to live in, and the River Nachtsnapp, too, is a fictional place that flows through Velstadt from Vieberg to Ümlaut. All of these places are fictional and bear no resemblance to other fictional places that you may come across in your literary travels.

However, even though I have made up the name of our protagonist and where she lived, it does not mean that someone like her didn’t live in a made-up place just like the one where all the action of this fictitious story takes place.

Fraulein Hübbeleiner was not christened with that name, obviously; and I shall here say that she was Fraulein Vonsel-Mardennel, until the age of twenty-seven when she happened to bump into Herr Hubert Hübbeleiner in Pashden-vir-Donsck marketplace on an uncertain Thursday in June or July back in nineteen forty-seven, or the year after.

Love at first sight occurred on their third meeting, when Fraulein Vonsel-Mardennel and Herr Hubert exchanged some coy glances across the vast expanse of the old quarry-yard (disused) and their match was made.

After a whirlwind courtship they were married to each other in Ümlaut Church on the thirteenth of April, nineteen fifty-seven, or eight – the bride elegant in a pearl-white dress, the groom in his recently repaired mourning suit – the mismatching elbow patches being barely noticed by the congregation.

It was soon after the wedding that Hubert received his call-up papers for the war – the postal service being particularly slow in those parts – and Hubert set off for his basic training in Chromstadt.

Having survived the whole of this ‘after-war’ period with little in the way of injuries, Hubert returned home to his wife and three children – whose they were, nobody knew.

Dying at a tragically young age, Hubert has now left this story and won’t be heard of again – unless there is a need to pad out some back story with him later on.

Fraulein Hübbeleiner was sad to see him go. Yet soon turned her mind to the task with which her life had been blessed, or cursed.


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