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I am ‘no’ Haiku

I am ‘no’ Haiku

I am no Haiku;

I might look like one,

but I assure you, I’m not.

When Haiku Go Bad

When Haiku Go Bad

It is a surprise

to ev’ry single person

when a Haiku turns

from quiet and safe

to being a vicious thing –

like a mad tiger.

“Haiku are for life!”

“Haiku are for life “

When you choose Haiku,

be sure you can care for them;

they’re for the long haul.

Like Sheeps In The Night

Like Sheeps In The Night

We passed

like sheeps in the night,

exchanging glances

with no one,

passing comments with the night,

counting the sheeps that passed us, too;

as they glanced our way

and exchanged comments

to the stars that shone, not.

She Sells Seashells (revisited)

She Sells Seashells (revisited)

She sells seashells on the Seychelles sea shore…

she used to sell seashells on the Scilly Isles sea shore;

sadly, she stopped selling Scilly Isles shells on the Scilly Isles sea shore,

where she swore she sold several seashells;

but the taxman said she sold many, many more.

When a Haiku Dies

When a Haiku Dies

When a Haiku dies

there is a time of mourning,

in the afternoon.



If I remember correctly

the last laugher laughs longest;

but, I could be wrong –

memory serves me well,

or not,

as it sees fit.

And, IIRC,

he who hesitates

is lost –

or found,

as my feet touch the ground,

or leave it.