The Day They Invented The Pasty

The Day They Invented The Pasty

It was a day, a sunny day,

(back in who knows when)

a day just like this one,

but with some sun;

when Bill and Bob, upon a job,

did think upon a problem.

“What shall we have…” said Bill,

“… to take our fill?”

“Our fill of what?” said Bob.

“Our fill of lunch,

we need to munch,

it’s been a busy mornin’”,

said Bill.

“Ah!” said Bob, “I’ve thrupence and a bob

(the coin that is my namesake),

what can we buy

for one and three,

have you a sovereign to add to our kitty?”

“A ‘sovereign!’ “ Bill laughed,

“If I but had; but, no, I’ve not, just a tanner got,

perhaps we could buy an ‘ansum pie,

for the riches we haves between us.”

Bob thought for a moment.

“I have an idea.” said he.

“Let’s dig us some swede…

potatoes we’ll need…

and a pound weight of yon lady’s skirt.”

‘Are you right in the head?’

was what, Bill, should have said;

but he didn’t, he thought the idea was a winner;

“And if we are quick,

we’ll be done in a tick,

and have a—!

… thingy for our dinner.”

Neither knew what to call

this new-fangled dish.

and names they tried, one and twenty;

“Let us not be hasty

to name this food oh so tasty;

perhaps we can call it a… ‘BillBob!’ “

said Bill.

“Or a ‘BobBill!’ said Bob.

Anyway, the pasty had been invented,

though it hadn’t a name,

until forty years later

a Mr. C. A. Pasty had an idea

for eternal fame.

(As if anybody remembers him).

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