‘Adverb’ #SoCS @LindsGHill

‘Adverb’ #SoCS @LindaGHill

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I am writing this


making sure that I make no mistakes;

for, if I wrote it


I do not think that I have what it takes to make a difference – and I shall edit


checking for any grammatical errors,

for not to do so would give me the night terrors.

But, I have to think


if I am going to create a piece of worth.

Add a verb here,

a pronoun or two in random places (Stevenage, Crawley)

maybe a past participle

(If I can work out what one of them is exactly)

and a gerund.

I’ve always wanted to add a gerund to my writing, but I’ve never been confident about doing so.

And, I’m also not sure if they bite.

I mean, it’s a wild animal when it comes to grammar – or so I’ve heard.

And the final word of my piece shall be ‘walking’ or the like.

Because it is my writing party, and I’ll cry wolf if I want to, as long as there is trifle, I’m happy.

What has all this been about?

About a page of writing too long; which is being honest with you.

It’s surprisingly lame in its own way.

And I actually wrote it


*my 10-minute time limit alarm went falteringly off here.

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