The Butterfly and I

The Butterfly and I

I saw a butterfly

flying in the sky;

I waved at him

as he was passing by;

but, I’m not sure,

I couldn’t see,

if that butterfly





3 responses to “The Butterfly and I

  1. I love this, Graeme!

    • Thank you, trE, just a quick poem inspired by a butterfly that flew across in front of the car whilst I was driving back from Bodmin. I stopped in Trago Mills a few minutes later and the poem had written itself by then. Glad you love this, I love the butterflies, I have just spent 10 minutes trying to take a photograph of an Orange Tip butterfly, following it along and back and along the hedgerow, then it stopped by two other Orange Tips that were (shall we say) cuddling – and by that time the battery on my phone had died! Oh, well, next time, maybe. G:)

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