Sunday Silly

Sunday Silly

“It’s Sunday, Silly!”

Okay, how do you get to be silly on a Sunday?

It’s not normally thought of as a ‘Funday’;

doesn’t measure up as a ‘Punday’;

hasn’t the uniqueness to be a ‘Oneday’;

and a ‘Sun’ day? Really? It so often rains;

A ‘Bunday?’ Hardly likely;

or a ‘Doneday?’ Well, it is at the end.

How about a ‘Gunday?’ No, that’s not going to happen, is it?

A ‘Hunday?’ Not, a Germanic one;

but a pet-name for your partner one?

Okay, a Nunday; a Runday, or a Tunday?

Can’t say that they are likely to catch on;

An ‘Unday’ – a lot of days are already a bit like that.

No, sorry, we are going to have to stick with ‘Sunday’,

or Dimanche.

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