Prompt from Radford Radio: Ulcerative Colitis

Prompt from Radford Radio: Ulcerative Colitis

Alan said “ulcerative colitis!”

The room turned to stare.

Then they moved their chairs

away from him;

until he was the only one there;

they had fled to the far corners of the Earth,

to distance themselves from Al.

Al was sad and Al was lonely,

and only Graham, his pal;

(well, his brother really)

dared to stand by his side;

Graham said, “Don’t cry so, Bruv;

I will always be here for you.”

Such sweetness is brotherly love.

Al sighed a sigh,

his tears did dry,

all of his worries had fled,

“It’s okay,” said little Grae,

(who looked far up to his brother)

“From where I stand,

your outlook’s grand,

we can look out the one for the other.”

Al was visibly moved,

as his change of location proved,

and the brothers ‘high-fived’

to their luck;

sadly, for me,

the writer of poetry,

I couldn’t find a decent rhyme to end this saga;

perhaps I should go for a lager.

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