April The Twenty-First

April The Twenty-First

It has often been said

(and sometimes in bed)

that the twenty-first day of April is a sham,

“It doesn’t exist!” Is heard;

and many other a disparaging word,

along the lines of: ‘Chimera’ ‘illusion’ ‘mirage’,

that is not to say that there aren’t believers,

people who adamantly insist that April The Twenty-First

is a day –

not the best day, nor the worst,

but a day, never the less.

“Yes?” is often stated at this,

“And what makes all you believers correct?

I suspect that you have been influenced by common opinion,

and are just a calendar minion,

who believes everything that they read there.

Take care, one day you may wake up and find the truth: April The Twenty-First is a curse of youth – or old age (as the adage goes).

And, when it snows on April the Twenty-First

fear the worst:

It may be May,

or a cold December’s day.

What does anybody know about anything, anyway?

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