I Need A Dolour.

I Need A Dolour.

I was sipping Sangria in Shangri-La the other day…

when I started considering the position that I was in – the sangria, by the way, was non-alcoholic, as it didn’t need to be a fiery liquid that would free my inhibitions.

BTW in Shangri-La, everyone is able to reach a state of Nirvana by just breathing in the air and drinking deeply (and solely) of the natural draughts of the fresh-water river that runs through the centre of the realm.

In reality, I am in Erewhon, that backwards place of fictional creation.

Places, names; faces, games!

All is well. And all is Hell.

Does this emplify or simplify things?

My mind wanders about, enters a maze, is lost.

I count the cost: one dolour, two dolours, three…


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