April The Fifteenth

April The Fifteenth

April the Fifteenth

has finally arrived –

and what shall we do with it,

or upon it?

On other April the Fifteenths (there have been many)

many, unmemorable, things may have been done – but, what, I know not.

It’s the sort of day where you could fly a kite –

I might, if I had one –

or get blown over like a tree;

unwise things are also available – as you can see.

Winds are from the East,

so travelling West would be for the best, I think; but, I also know not.

Staying inside,

trying to play

seek and hide

is a thing –

but a bit boring

when you are on your own.

So, perhaps,

I shall just consign this April the Fifteenth

to the ‘forgettable’ bin

with all the other April the Fifteenth,

and all the other days.

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