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#SoCS “Lip” @LindaGHill

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I let slip, the other day, that I was gay; I wasn’t, well, I was; but, not in that sort of way. I was paying lip-service to a thought that had passed my mind – or crossed it – that it would give me a little fillip if I thought I was in my twenties again – or in ‘the’ twenties (not, again, as I’d never been there before) when ‘gay’ was just a word to mean ‘cheerful’ and ‘happy’, and I am a cheerful, happy chappie.

So, that was what I meant.

It may have been just a blip, my saying that – as I don’t normally let slip the dogs of war (Shakespeare) and sometimes words can create a conflict, a clip round the ear, or a full-on battle – as when the baby flips out the rattle from the perambulator – also a rather old word.

I also may have been being flippant when I said I was gay; or I may have meant ‘gray’ as it is my name – so, I shall just slip into something less macho, sip on my mint tulip (I know ‘julep’) and be less hip and more wise, with less lip and using the largesse of sultry eyes.

How hip, to hop to the shop in East Ruislip in little more than a slip and slippers – for a kilo of freshly smoked kippers!

7 responses to “‘Lip’ #Socs – @LindaGHill

  1. Very well SoC-ed!

    • Thank you, Ritu. Early Saturday writing has carried on from a creative (for me) Thursday and Friday. So many ideas – with lots of them still in progress. Though fish, Seagulls, clouds and crows do seem to be a quite popular in my mind!! Along with odd appearances of serious (!!!!! IKR) matter. Must be something that they have put in the water.

      Have a great day and weekend, Ritu. G:)

  2. Your piece is neat, contained and delightfully convoluted in a terse kind of way, if that’s possible. It wriggles and writhes about like a wry thing. I have no idea what the title is about nor even how to pronounce it. Is it infact pronouncable?

    • The title is just the word ‘lip’ from the #StreamofConsciousnessSaturday (#SoCS) which is hosted / set by LindaGHill (who has a website at LindaGHill.com and regularly sets us writers challenges.

      Thank you for liking my words – with a stream-of-consciousness piece there is the idea that you just write (I set myself a 10-minute limit) with no editing and little forethought upon the prompt – hence my slipping ‘lip’ into the piece many, many times.

      Thank you for reading and commenting Ruth


  3. This is a fun take on SoCS. Nicely done!

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