April The Twelfth.

April The Twelfth.

(Pre-Poem Bit)

April was the twelfth knight in her family;

mother, father, eight of her brothers, and her brave cousin Glance-a-Lot the Nervous.

Sadly, they all lived in a time when chivalry and jousting were not current things – Networking and Driving Cars, however, were – and so April and her family were anachronisms in this modern era.

Life can be so strange for a family – seven centuries earlier April’s ancestors had been deemed witches for trying to build a global business contact base and trying to fit engines to carts.


Many centuries ago

when the world was young;

and people lived in huts,

and gathered dung;

rode on foot, and lived short lives;

knew not how to read or write;

the most common motto of a knight:

‘He who lives, survives’

there was a family who

tried to build fast carts,

and network, too;

they were burnt as witches,

all but one;

who snuck away quietly,

counting glitches,

until those days were done;

many centuries later

she came forth

in a modern-day joust

somewhere in the north

of England.

2 responses to “April The Twelfth.

  1. Glance a lot the nervous 🙂 You may never visit when I recover from a belly wound. It would be too dangerous.

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