‘One Day, at Café Fleur’

‘One Day, at Café Fleur’

A gentleman in a bright red hat

sat down for a cup of tea;

the waitress asked his order,

and he ordered quite orderly,

“I should like a cup of tea,

no milk, no sugar, for me;

but, please, I’d like a slice of lemon,

and a poodle for company.”

He hadn’t finished.

“ I’d like a cup with a floral print,

a matching saucer, too;

and the silver spoon I should have been born with,

when I was twenty-two.

The slice of lemon”, he added,

“Is only for garnish,

I cannot abide how they taste;

but their colour is nice –

as long as they’re yellow –

but, leave them unseen,

and, sadly, they just go to waste.”

The gentleman removed his red hat,

and there was a mouse,

sat upon the top of his head.

The waitress had written

the order down

when she saw the mouse, tiny, brown –

so she shrieked, and very near fled.

The fellow with calm;

and no sense of alarm,

said, “Oh, if that all seems too much,

I’ll just have a coffee instead.”

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