April The Second

April The Second

April the Second.

April the First has past;

no longer the next, the current,

it is the last;

and here to take the crown

is a day that is let down

by ‘not’ being a day of any consequence;

it’s just the next one chosen

in a never-ending sequence of days.

Who ever said, ‘you can’t always want what you get!’ got it right;

and, one day, April the Second

may be quite the looker;

but, today, it is just a day in a sequence,

that frequents the calendar

at this time of year,

loitering in fear

of a last-minute April Fool.

April the Second, it has also been said,

is quite uncool.

2 responses to “April The Second

  1. April second, the cruellest day…

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