Needsby Dunn

Needsby Dunn

Character Outline: Needsby Dunn

Needsby was never on time. As such, he was duly renowned for his total lack of time-keeping – he would have been late for his own wake, funeral, and the after-show party – that’s if he turned up at all. It has been said that, once, he was so late for an appointment as to be still a non-attendee three years later when he did show up – and that was for an urgent dentist’s appointment! That was when he used to be a dentist. He has moved on from that career trough (or path, either works).

Needsby was a waste of space – not much more can be said upon his worth; it has been said that he is taking up somebody’s place on the planet Earth – people can be cruel; but, in this case, they aren’t far off the mark.

Needsby was tall, thin, angular; he rarely laughed, barely spoke, glowered from when he slept to when he awoke (and the other way around, too).

Luckily for the planet he is only fictional.

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