My Cybertronic Seagull – a song

My Cybertronic Seagull – a song

My seagull has gone rusty,

I left him out last night;

and now he squeaks

when he should squawk;

metallic noises when he walks;

and he can’t fly,

I heard him sigh;

‘I was left out in the rain.’

My Cybertronic Seagull

has seized up in the rain;

I’ll have to feed him tin pasties,

until he’s better again.

My Cybertronic Seagull

has a rusty-coloured hue;

maybe WD40

will help him to pull through.

My Cybertronic Seagull

just stands there on his post;

he may never fly again;

or pinch my morning-toast.

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