#SoCS – ‘Abash / A Bash / Bash’ @LindaGHill

#SoCS ‘Abash / a bash / bash’ @LindaGHill

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“Let’s not be bashful, shall we, you and I, skinny-dipping is just an expression of freedom, why should we have any inhibitions when we were all born naked,”

The Bloggers’ Bash After-Presentation Cool Down was to be held in the almost Olympic-size swimming-pool situated to the rear of the premises; seclusion – guaranteed; anonymity – optional; modesty – unlikely.

When we arrived there was already a seething sea of flesh-tones immersed in the beautiful briny.

“I may just drop into the deep end and immerse myself up to my chin!” I quipped, upon spying the ‘5’ depth’ indicator marked upon the side of the pool.

I never answered myself – a fault of mine that I would never outgrow.

“I’ll give it a bash!” I pronounced bravely. “I mean, what could possibly go wrong?” I also never answered the rhetorical questions that I asked myself – it was one of my unspoken rules.

I leave the rest to your imagination. The slender chances of my completing safely any task entered into were soon dashed upon the surety of my inability to achieve a dignified entry into the water; my loose-fitting skin-coloured trunks a la Fitzgerald’s ‘Tender is the Night’ managed to survive approximately three seconds before they became caught up in the pool filtration system – and the embarrassment was increased a dozen-fold as the pool had to be emptied of occupants and water to allow the engineer to release my…

well, I hope to be out of hospital soon; with my wounds healed and my reputation intact – some hope.


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