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Sum Might Say…

Sum Might Say…

1813 x 2955


a lot.

It is actually a measurement

and not a sum;

though some would think it so.

It must add up to a couple of million

and some – over six, I’d say.

I could work it out,

and amaze you with my mathematical skill…

or I could allow you to do so


A calculator would take no time at all.

Thinking about it

it’s probably

under six million –

I rounded the sum up to 2,000 x 3,000

which is good for an approximate amount – but, not accurate

as an answer.


1813 x 2955

3×5 = 15

10×5 = 50

800×5 = 4,000

1,000×5 = 5,000

add those = 9,065 (a)

10x 2,955 = 29,550 (b)

800×5 = 4,000

800x =50*!%#%###

800×9 = 7,300

8,000×2 = 16,000

add those = 23,390 (c)

1,000×2955 = 2,955,000 (d)

add a,b,c and d together




and this is where a calculator comes in handy

enter 1813 x 2955 press calculate = 5,357,415

So, easy.

That Blooming Chaffinch!

That Blooming Chaffinch!

That blooming chaffinch is off on one again!

Or it may be a sparrow…

or a robin, a wren…

or a Tangierian Banana Hawk…

if there is such a thing,

I know not.

My lack of knowledge

is due,

in part,

to my not studying

wild birds when I was at college…

and not having gone to college

in the first place.

A failing

that I do acknowledge.

Linda G Hill’ #SoCS Prompt ‘Dough / D’oh!’

Linda G Hill’ #SoCS Prompt ‘Dough / D’oh!’

Linda’s SoCS details here.

Through thick and thin

we moved within

never went without

and, in case there is any doubt,

left our cares within the bin.

We never borrowed,

so we did not owe;

made our own bread,

from our need for dough;

then made it so.

We helped our selves

to add to our shelves,

and he who delves

often finds

himself in two minds.

Though, it has been said,

if you are well bread,

then you can see your head,

from behind –

or is that all in the mind?

Looking back, as you would,

to seek the bad from the good,

you should always remember

the sixth of November

as being the day after

the fifth.

If this is inconvenient,

you might consider being lenient

when it comes to…

from a coma

or a comma

my punctuation

fills nobody with elation

across this nation,

it just amuses some,

amazes others,

and is totally ignored by the masses,

lower, middle and scupper classes.

“D’oh!” Is not a phrase that I will ever use in my writing.

Though, as you can hear, or see, it doesn’t work like that for me.

“D’oh!” Was used earlier. And then again, just then, when I repeated it for cosmic effect.

“Can you hear the songs of angry men?”


It must be just me.

Anyway, I have to go now,

as I know that there is only so much of this Double Dutch that you can take – even though there is so much more of it that I could make – and my 10-minutes is nearly up – although last week, I stopped about a minute and a half early as I had run out of things to waffle iron on about – well, I certainly won’t be letting that happen again. Says I.

“D’oh!” *

*Timer went off here.

Thursday’s Gone Haiku

Thursday’s Gone Haiku

It’s Friday Morning;

it’s no good mourning Thursday,

just get over it.

Sound Bytes!

Sound Bytes!

The cicadas’ clicks under the Mimosa –

adding to the palaver of the verbosa

allows no room for the nervosa

to relax.

And then someone starts to play badly upon a tenor sax.

Just another day in Dystopia.

“Look! A bird!”

“Look! A bird!”

The shadow of a bird

flew across my path;

thin, two-dimensional –

it was that of a Pterodactyl,

swooping in for the kill…

this, my last poem,

is not my best;

but, still,

it’s short,

and that will

count in its favour.

Blue-Sky Thinking

Blue-Sky Thinking

Picture and words here.

I am thinking about blue skies;

whilst looking at…

well, obviously, blue skies.

This is what I call

‘true’ blue-sky thinking.

I am not thinking about clouds –

due to their absence –

apart from my thoughts upon…

their absence.

This is not a ‘cloud’ poem.

If it is a poem.

Which it may be –

I am in no position to verify,

or qualify,

what it is that it may be –

I just write the words that forever stain the cleanliness of my screen.

Time and a Word

Time and a Word

Time is a concept

with which we measure our age;

words are the tools

that we use on the page;

when times they are changing

and words are in short supply

how do we fuel the written need?

As the crow flies

As the crow flies

One lone crow

in a sky-blue sky;

I walked along

as he flew by;

upon his way

he did go;

where that was

I do not know.

Paddy Whack

Paddy Whack

Paddy Whack was a collector of nick-nacks- obviously.

He didn’t have a dog.

More than this I do not know.