More about Stewart Taylor.

More about Stewart Taylor.

Stewart Taylor spoke into his loud-inhaler, “Come out, come out, wherever you are; with your hands held high – we have you surrounded!”

Which was a lie – there was nobody above them, and nobody below them; they could have escaped either way.

Stewart turned to his second-in-command and asked the age-Old question, “Why are we here? I don’t mean ‘here’ as in ‘here’, but ‘here’ as in ‘here’. Unluckily – or luckily, depending on how lucky things were – his second-in-command was an Ikea bookcase, a one Billy Flat-Pack, who rarely, if ever, swayed in the breeze enough to say anything contentious. Billy was currently being silent on this, as upon all matters.

Stewart spoke into his loud-inhaler once more, “You do know that I have better things to do on a Saturday morning than surround a crooked operation like yours?”

There was still an unearthly silence from the empty building.

Things were likely to get out of hand if nobody intervened – nobody did.

Three weeks later, Stewart turned himself in for the wasting of time in a built up episode of town.

The judge was lenient and sentenced him to two paragraphs.

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