#SoCS @LindaGHill

#SoCS ‘’Yawn’

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I yawn

upon the subject of ‘the forlorn lawn’

it means nothing to me –

even if that lawn was in Vienna,

I wouldn’t give it a whirl

(I’m not ‘that’ sort of girl).

However, I do like to travel

‘Green Side Up’

as they say;

but, maybe I was born ‘that’ way?

It is Dawn, too early, and so I yawn – I am good at yawning in the morning (or late at night) and have perfected the art to a fine degree; you can surely see that a well-timed yawn can be most helpful.

Whereas, an inopportune yawn, released too soon (or too late) can be misconstrued as a sign of boredom – have I lost you yet?

You: “Yawn!”

3 responses to “#SoCS @LindaGHill

  1. No ‘YAWN’ here!

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