Lysander & Demetrius @LindaGHill’s #SoCS ‘ly’

@LindaGHill’s #SoCS prompt: ‘ends with ‘ly’ ‘

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10-minute adventures in the land of unconscious streams.

“Quickly, Lysander!”

Lysander was not known for his speed and agility; but, on this occasion he resembled the hare more than the tortoise. Ably assisted by the thought of a bear chewing upon his meaty limbs, no doubt.

We, suddenly stopped. The bear’s footfall having also stopped. We adroitly turned and looked back – the bear was peering avidly into the bole of a tree. We were intrigued, to say the least.

“The least.” Said Lysander, cockily.

“Oh, ha, ha, ha.’ I responded weakly.

“Shall we wait until the bear goes, and then go take a look in that tree?” Lysander had a quizzical expression upon his face that he was wearing jauntily.

“Methinks that that is not a wise move, cuz Lysander.” I proposed. I was trying to turn him away from the obvious trap that the bear was laying. “We should head on to the King and Queen’s feast.”

Lysander looked bleakly at me. He was torn. A feast, or the enigma of a bear hiding secrets in the woods.

“I shall stay, and you shall go, cuz Demetrius. The feast is for you and your… Hermia.” *

I could not argue the point. Lysander was set upon this course and, anyway, what could possibly go wrong?

*10-minutes ended here.

4 responses to “Lysander & Demetrius @LindaGHill’s #SoCS ‘ly’

  1. Winnie’s trickier cousin?

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