ad / add /AD (Anno Domini) prompt for #SoCS @LindaGHill

#SoCS Pronpt: ad / add / AD (Anno Domini)

10-minute SoC

See here for Linda’s prompt details


Adverbs do my head in – slowly., softly, steadily. It’s as if they are adroit at doing so – adding to my addiction to adding numbers (more of an addition than an addiction, I think).

Adjectives have no such hold over me – many happy people are brought to admit that without adjectives they would just be people.

Admiring the admissions of addition addicts is adorable; then adroitly admitting you are an addition addict is admissible when it comes to admonishing those disadvantaged souls.

In this modern age (ACE, AD, or the like) I am also admitting to the adage that The Adverts were my favourite punk band from the 70s – add to that my like of Adam and his Antics… well, enough said. And is it Anna Domini who sings for the Scissor Sisters? I advise you against adding her your adenoids – Which makes no sense what so ever – mad, it is – mad in Cornwall, go five! By Enad Blyton – how sad, I am, that this is coming to an end*

A fad, maybe; but fun was had.

*my 10-minutes went bad here!



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