A Little Bit Of Cluedo In The Night

A Little Bit Of Cluedo In The Night

Colonel Mustard

wasn’t flustered

when I accused him of… Murder!

He said:

“I was in the Kitchen

with Mrs. White –

she’ll give me an alibi, alright!”

But, Mrs. White, speaking all polite:

“No. Colonel Mustard wasn’t there, and nor was I –

I was in the Conservatory,

making a pie.”

This didn’t tally,

and I was up a blind alley

with no paddle.

“But, you did kill Doctor Black

with a Candlestick,

didn’t you Colonel?”

“Seeing as it’s Professor Plum,

who has dead become,

I cannot admit to Killing Black –

of his corpse we have a lack.”

I checked my notes;

Professor Plum, was dead and incredibly dumb – when asked, he said nothing.

Miss Scarlet, a veritable harlot,

going by the name of Charlotte,

confessed to being at the scene of the crime

another time

but not this one.

The Reverent Green

was seen

also upon this scene,

eating a tangerine.

But, his alibi, of him writing a sermon

at the time of the murder…

left him in the lurch

when he was asked to swear in church

upon the Good Book –

one look at his guilty expression

was all it took.

So, it was the Reverent Green

who killed Professor Plum

with a Candlestick

in the Library.

This time.

Case closed.

PS Mrs.Peacock was ruled out having been holidaying in the Algarve – lucky lady.

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