“Sup/Sip/Sep/Sop/Sap” prompt from #SoCS @LindaGHill

“Sup/Sip/Sep/Sop/Sap” prompt from #SoCS @LindaGHill

For more detail sep here!

Supple I am not, I think as I sip from my first and only coffee mug of the day (unless I am supbtle in my use of more).

Septic Tanks and their contents have not even crossed my mind once so far today – that is a blessing.

And life is superb. Full stop. Unless, for you, it isn’t -in which case I doubt you’ll be reading WordPress posts in the subject of ‘sap/sep/sip/sop/sup.’

Sopwith Camels are not real camels. I thought that you might need to know this. They are old airplanes – possiply a few still exsipst.

“Supper’s Ready!” is a call to eat, and a track on Genesis’s 70’s Album ‘Foxtrot’. A very long track some of which is in 9/8 timing – also supthing that I thought you needed to know.

Sapient, I am; wise I am not. Sappers always seem to undermine my defences. Soppily, I cry when they do so. Il sapelle Graeme – as you know. Saper-Tooth Tigers never existed, and so no longer roam the streets of Sappingapore.

Supple, I am not. Except when I have sipped from the tree of flexibility – which is sipply the best supplier of sapiency that I know – sapdly it only flowers in Septembria – a country that I have yet to visit.*

*my 10-minutes Of SoC ended here.



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