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#NationalBlueberryDay #DoctorWho


A Blueberry Blast from the past.

With added Doctor Who

The Daleks Stole My Blueberry Pancakes


Graeme Sandford

Dalek and Blueberry Pancakes
I’ve been considering a thought that crossed my mind only recently.

The thought was this: ‘When would a ‘Dalek’ ever have the need to say the word ‘squirrel?’

I actually doubt whether the word ‘Squirrel’ is actually in the Dalek’s dictionary at all, and if it is; why?

I can’t think of a single situation when a Dalek would even think
of the word ‘squirrel’ – never mind actually saying it!

I don’t know if the Dalek race might, at one time in their history,
have tried to invade the ‘planet’ Squirrel,

or, perhaps, whether the word ‘Squirrel’ might be a Dalek swear word
for when they came across a staircase or a high kerb in their travels!

It makes you think!

Talking of Dr. Who…

The Daleks Stole My Blueberry Pancakes – GRS

The script for this following tale was recently turned down by the BBC. I am, therefore…

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Upon How The Daffodil Became Ill

Upon How The Daffodil Became Ill

The Daffodil was feeling fine,

the day was cold,

but, the sun did shine.

It ventured out

a soul so bold

and into the air did shout:

“Look at me,

I’m fancy free!”

and smiled unto the world.

Then, it went in search of friends,

walked about, not quite to the ends of the Earth;

but down dale and up hill,


atop a snow-covered mound –

a carpet of white

upon the ground –

it found a sense of liberty,

a peace of mind,

for one to be,

the highest peak the Daffodil,

of whom we speak, could find.

A sense of infinite well-being

was felt by the Daffodil,


it decided to ski ‘down’ the hill.

Not a great skier,

no grace, no style,

the Daffodil was descending

at many a mile

per hour;

then things turned sour…

All control was lost,

and the final cost

was a bump on the head,

two broken legs,

and a stem that was twisted

and bitter.

The Daffodil felt shock

it was only 8 o’clock

and time was no friend to a flower.

From low unto high

to even lower by and by

in no more than

a quarter of an hour.

Trees, Sheep, and the Sky.

Trees, Sheep, and the Sky.

See here for the photograph that inspired the words – G:)

It’s about the trees,

or the sheep,

or the sky.

Swaying in the breeze;

chewing the Winter feed;

or hanging ominously above us –

you know which is to which.

All together

in one picture

they sit side by side,


by Nature.

The Cot.

The Cot.

The cot sot on the mot.

Whot the cot did next is unknown;

but, you con bet your bottom dollor

thot the cot

didn’t do it

until the cot decided


the time wos right.



A little walk on the cool side;

maybe, I would prefer the pool side;

but, upon reflection,

my selection

is just what is needed

to clear away the cobwebs.

“What do ‘you’ do…?”

“What do you do…?”

What do you do

when you have no words

but somewhere to put them;

have words

but nowhere to put them;

don’t have words


nowhere to put them

even if you did have them?

Wait for the time

when you have words


somewhere to put them?


“And the rain it raineth every day!”

Song: “When that I was and a little tiny boy (With hey, ho, the wind and the rain)”


(from Twelfth Night)

When that I was and a little tiny boy,

    With hey, ho, the wind and the rain,

A foolish thing was but a toy,

    For the rain it raineth every day.

But when I came to man’s estate,

    With hey, ho, the wind and the rain,

’Gainst knaves and thieves men shut their gate,

    For the rain it raineth every day.

But when I came, alas! to wive,

    With hey, ho, the wind and the rain,

By swaggering could I never thrive,

    For the rain it raineth every day.

But when I came unto my beds,

    With hey, ho, the wind and the rain,

With toss-pots still had drunken heads,

    For the rain it raineth every day.

A great while ago the world begun,

    With hey, ho, the wind and the rain,

But that’s all one, our play is done,

    And we’ll strive to please you every day.

My View

My View

From my window

I can see all that there is;

obviously, within the confines of my viewpoint, but, who needs more

than what I now have?

From my literary window, I see all.

Wall Haiku

Wall Haiku

A wall went AWOL,

it couldn’t be found at all –

Trumpty just stood there.