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In The Leaky Teapot (Episode 1)

In The Leaky Teapot (Episode 1)

The rusty bucket in The Leaky Teapot had sprung a leak.

Therefore, water

was all across the floor.

Mopping up was soon discussed –

and disregarded as an option;

so, a ‘Slippery When Wet’

sign was set.

This worked well,

until somebody tripped over it.

Yet, the day was saved,

when all agreed

that no harm had been done –

The Leaky Teapot was that sort of place.

Episode 2 of ‘In The Leaky Teapot’ here

My Silent Tinsel

My Silent Tinsel

Listen to my silent tinsel;

enlist all your skill;

lest, in haste you let sin


The Day the Tides All Stopped.

The Day the Tides All Stopped.

The Moon

above the trees

fluttering in the breeze –

the Moon, not the trees –

in the Lunar Wind blew away;

the tides all stopped that day.

To my love at Christmas.

To my love at Christmas.

I love you at this time of year

as I do at all other times of the year;

as my love increases

I love you more each day;

and, as each day goes,

I am glad that you and I

are here, together

holding each other



When & How & Now

When & How & Now

When the quiet of the night has been broken by your feline friend doing what is natural to her with a tiny little bird…

When the slumber of sleep has been washed away from your eyes by a liquid formed from beans…

When the things that are to be done lay calling to you from beyond a nearby horizon…

When you have to recharge the limbs with energy and flex them into action…


… what shall I do first?

(Inc. Haiku) Boxing Day is Over (00:00)

(Inc. Haiku) Boxing Day is Over (00:00)

That’s it!

All gone!

Never to return.


We shall get another one,

next year,

and the year after that,

and so on.

Boxing Day was here;

but now it is no longer,

“Bye, bye, Boxing Day!”

Boxing Day #24 (23:00)

Boxing Day #24 (23:00)


Nighttime ones!

With just an hour to go

to reach the midnight

twenty-four hours on

from when this day started.

And all those words

(I never counted them)

written with the purpose

of filling the day

(at regular intervals – mostly)

with my thoughts and ideas upon…

well, upon all sorts of everything.

No classics, I fear;

but, maybe, just maybe,

the idea for a short story,

and, as the year end beckons,

perhaps I can finish with a flourish.


Boxing Day #23 (22:00)

Boxing Day #23 (22:00)

Well, the end of the day is approaching fast – the hours have flown like blocks of sixty minutes;

the night has beckoned

and was the day as I reckoned it?

Well, again, it has been easy at times to write my words,

and harder at others.

If you have followed all or some of this

then I thank you for your participation.

If, however, you have been spared

the ordeal, then you may have been one of the lucky is not my place to judge.

Tomorrow will be a new day

and I shall just write a few random things, as I do.

I shall also try to read a few posts from others – writing does not always allow reading, you know.


Agatha Christiemas – Boxing Day 2018 #22 (21:00)

Agatha Christiemas – Boxing Day 2018 #22 (21:00)

Agatha Christiemas?

What shall we find with the new Poirot?

Shall it be ABC 5*

Parts 1,2 and 3?

Or will it be a Hickory Dickory Shock

to the system?

Shall I have to get the 3:10 from Paddington to Bear it?

Who knows whether John Suchet

can be bettered

or equaled…

it is, perhaps,

just a previous reincarnation


Boxing Day 2018 #21 (20:00)

Boxing Day 2018 #21 (20:00)

Eight o’clock

After Eights?


Another drink?

Or crash out in front of the cardboard box

(the one that Boxing Day

is named after)

Anyway, start with the After Eights

and we’ll take it from there.