In The Leaky Teapot (Episode 2)

Episode 1 of ‘In The Leaky Teapot’ here.

Today in The Leaky Teapot.

Just about one o’clock (going by the Broken Clock that has hung upon the far wall of The Leaky Teapot for over a decade signifying the time of ‘just about one o’clock) a number of customers decided to enter, leave or remain the premises of The Leaky Teapot.

Some of these customers ordered a Cream Tea (between them) and a fight ensued over the ownership of a scone. Finally, 97-year old Doris ‘Dotty’ Doddle held the offending item aloft. “My ‘Precious!” she proclaimed.

‘Dotty’ was rightly proud of the fact that she had purchased a first edition of The Hobbit upon it’s publication back on the 21st September, 1937. A copy she still regularly read, even though the story was ingrained upon her soul.

Sadly, over time, Dotty had come to believe that she was Gollum and sought to beat other customers of The Leaky Teapot at The Riddle Game.

She was just one of the characters of The Leaky Teapot.

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