A Boxing Day Story (Part 5 Boxing Day 2018 #18 (17:00)

A Boxing Day Story (Part 5

Boxing Day 2018 #18 (17:00)

Detective Inspector Devonish, with all of his twenty years experience in the force (and ten in detection) was wise enough to put a detective sergeant and a constable (the vigilant one from earlier) on a watch at Griffin Mansion.

They were thus able to apprehend a man leaving the mansion in the early hours when, in reality, all of the mansion should have been asleep.

The man was found to be a one Solomon Brake, distant cousin to the Griffins who, under intense questioning, let slip some important details of information.

It turns out that Mr. Brake was of the same build and height as the murdered man, who was identified as Sir Marmaduke Brake – Solomon’s father!

Being next in lineage to Lord Griffin, Sir Marmaduke Brake’s removal from the scene left Solomon one step closer to an inheritance that would include Griffin Mansion and a large amount of money.

Solomon was intending to be off and away to get into an alibi-enhancing villa on the South Coast.

His plan to arrive and be seen to be the murdered Sir Marmaduke involved a disguise, and some inadequate planning.

Being seen by the two children scrumping in the orchard was easily arranged and worked to a T. However, the premature return of Lord Griffin and his family meant that sir Marmaduke’s time of death was found to be a lot less recent than may have been.

Solomon Burke was found guilty of his father’s murder and the two children Robbie and Thomasina were given free access to the orchard whenever they liked – Which made it so much less fun.

Author’s Note: As a story written very quickly with little in the way of pre-planning it idea where it was going I seem to have written something that resembles a decent idea for a story. I shall look upon this with thoughts to rewritten and extending the tale. G:)


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