A Boxing Day Story (Part 4) Boxing Day 2018 #17 (16:00)

A Boxing Day Story (Part 4)

Boxing Day 2018 #17 (16:00)

My spoilt lunch was sat upon the table looking dejectedly at me. I sat and looked back, almost outdoing it in my despondency. We were none too desirous (long words! Been hanging around with Tom too much) of each other’s formal introduction – I had eaten far too many apples – and the sound of a knock (a normal knock, this time) upon the front door of our house was soon to lead to the parting of the ways between myself and that inedible plateful – never the twain would meet again.

So it was, that the investigative powers of the police had tracked down one scruffy urchin to his lair (and Tom was soon rounded up, too – although we were kept apart to make sure our stories bore some similarity to each other.

They seemed to think I was the ringleader. Of ‘what’ I had no idea. But, my story was virtually the same as Tom’s (although she used longer words) and we were then introduced together to Detective Inspector Devonish, a lean Sparrow-eyed (similar to Hawk-eyed, but smaller) man of about mid-old age (we were not up on that sort of thing).

“So, Robbie, Thomasina, you are both certain that you didn’t see any other person at all from the time that the… victim arrived to when Lord Griffin, his wife, daughter and the two servants returned from their visit to Chuddrington Manor, nearly fourth miles away?

We looked at each other, then back at the policeman. We both nodded dumbly.

Detective Inspector Devonish asked some more questions, we nodded quite a lot, the mood of the situation relaxed a little what with the policeman’s willingness to listen (when we did speak) to our story. He wasn’t too fussed either about the apple-scrumping ‘I was a lad once!’ was his comment.

The thing was, the police detective new some things about the deceased man that were particularly interesting to a thoughtful man. Almost a ‘locked room’ scenario, the ‘murder’ (as it was) involved the body of a man inside an empty house with witnesses to the fact that nobody else had arrived or left Griffin Mansion between the deceased’s arrival and the Griffin’s return, and between then and the arrival of the police.

Now what was a detective to think?



2 responses to “A Boxing Day Story (Part 4) Boxing Day 2018 #17 (16:00)

  1. the police detective new or knew? If he new, then he isn’t old I think,

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