A Boxing Day Story (Part 3) Boxing Day 2018 #16 (15:00)

A Boxing Day Story (Part 3)

Boxing Day 2018 #16 (15:00)

I wanted go back to scrumping, Tom wanted to peer in the windows of Griffin Mansion. I persuaded her that apples were our best option. So, five minutes later, we found ourselves looking through one of the tall picture windows of the mansion’s library – we guessed it was a library ‘ so many books!’ – and what we saw was not for the faint-hearted. There was a body on the rug in the centre of the library, and when we say ‘body’ we mean one of the ‘no longer going to dance the hornpipe’ ones. The top-hat next to the body was also decidedly the worse for wear, though it could possibly pull through to live another day.

We decided to return to our viewpoint behind the hawthorn hedge and await further developments.

It was a long time before anything at all happened. We were almost decided to take our apple haul and leave the situation to resolve itself when a horse-drawn carriage turned into the driveway and decanted its occupants to the doorstep so recently vacated by the top-hat man.

The ‘ cortege’ – one of Tom’s words, meaning procession or retinue (I tried to keep up with her words) – of Griffin Mansion’s master, his mistress (his wife, we were being naughty there) their ‘very girly’ daughter (we guessed) and the two assisting servants all removed themselves and their luggage from the carriage to the realm of the mansion’s entrance.

It was less than five minutes (but definitely more than one – we counted to sixty before just waiting) before there was a huge commotion inside.

We watched the comings and goings of the next couple of hours, until our position behind the hedge was spotted by an observant policeman. As he popped in to let the investigating officer know of our presence, we legged it.

Although we would be apprehended soon enough, we were out of there as quick as a fleeing gazelle (a type of deer, stated Tom).

Anyway, for now we headed to our homes, each for a telling-off for being late,again.



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