A Boxing Day Story (Part 2) Boxing Day 2018 #15 (14:00)

A Boxing Day Story (Part 2)

Boxing Day 2018 #15 (14:00)

“He looks like a real no-gooder, Tom.”

“Likely as not he is after some kind of retribution. Tom was always keen to use long words to show her education to its best effect – I was more of your ‘apples and pears’ type of oik.

“If he keeps knocking like that he’ll either beat the door down… or drop down dead!” I think that there may have been other options; but, two would do for now.

“Can’t he tell there is nobody home?” Tom turned to look back at the orchard. “Shall we just get our apples and go?”

“We could do…” I hesitated, “But, I want to see him beat the door in!” ‘or drop down dead’ I thought.

“Okay, let’s give him a while longer.” Tom agreed to wait.

The man continued his ‘barrap-a-rap-tat!’ upon the unyielding door. There was something of a rhythm to it, as if by getting a beat going the man could keep up his insistency.

After a while, even I got bored with nothing but noise and no action. I signalled to Tom that we should get back and we turned to go.

It was just at that moment that the door-knocking (hammering) stopped and a few seconds later there was the sound of the front door slamming shut with a finality that reeked of an ending.

I looked at Tom, she looked at me – we turned back once more and the man was gone!

“He couldn’t have gone away, so he must have gone in.” deduced Tom.

“Poor blighter!” I said. “I doubt he’ll ever come out again.”

Tom looked at me with a bit of a thoughtful stare. “How can you be so bleak about a man who has only entered a house – even though it is Griffin Mansion – he’ll like as not be out and on his way in no time. Once his business is complete, of course.” Tom was sure that it would all work out well for the man.

How wrong she was.



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