This Year, Last Year?

This Year, Last Year?

(Purely on a WordPress basis)

As this year nears its end

I know that I have achieved something;

but, ‘what‘, and to ‘what‘ end?

Neither was a Leap Year –

Three hundred and sixty-five days –

so their length was just the same;

apart from 8 and 9 in their name

they were identical in many ways;

but, I follow more

and more follow me

I’ve written lots of words

that people might see.

So, what, actually have I achieved?

I’m still here

(and you’re still there)

I still care

(and the silliness still flows from me to you)

Will & Ben: Renaissance Men

appear regularly,

as do my Cornish words

of land and sea;

then there is my other, unassociated, fare –

random ideas taken from each and every where.

May your Two Oh One Nine

(the year ahead)

be particularly fine

as words, kind words,

just fall out of your head;

and, when in order put…

Please take this as a big thank you

to you




3 responses to “This Year, Last Year?

  1. Aw! Merry Christmas G!

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