Tin-Tin Takes A Walk Along the Cornish Lanes – #SoCS @LindaGHill

Tin-Tin Takes A Walk Along the Cornish Lanes

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Tin-Tin – no, not that one – was walking along the Cornish lanes minding his own business, when he saw a strange sight in a field to his left. Looking away, he saw that all was well in a field to his right, so he focused his attention upon that field.

Cows in a line, a line that was a bit too regular for his liking…! And sheep, all exactly the same, facing. The same way and stopping to eat the greenest grass ever at exactly the same moment.

Synchronised Sheep?

Looking up at a solid flap of wings, Tin-Tin saw Geese flying across the air toward the local pond. They were also as one – not a discrepancy between their flights. One almighty ‘honk!’ broke the silence – that had lain unnaturally across the land.

The ‘Honk!’ was then followed by a concrete block of a ‘Moo!’ and a woollen shawl of a ‘Baa!’

Tin-Tin looked back at the field on the left, the strange sight there didn’t seem so strange after all – then the three Llamas stood on a tiny hillock started ‘alarming’ at Tin-Tin. And what a noise that was.

Tin-Tin loved his walks along the Cornish lanes; but, sometimes, they were a bit of a shock to the system. *

*10-minutes was up here!

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