Silly Nonsense!

Silly Nonsense!

I signed up for a ninety-nine year lease

on a two-up, three down flock of geese;

now I am waiting for my commitment to cease,

as there has been an Oriental increase.

6 responses to “Silly Nonsense!

  1. I have a geese poem for you, called “V for Venacular”:

    I flung my soul into the wind,
    As fast and fast as it could spin;
    I let it go so it could fly
    Into the clouds, up to the sky,
    With turtle doves and gaggling geese,
    And wedge of ducks, all signing peace,
    But when I finally called it back,
    Instead of thank you, it went quack!

  2. Lol. You have created the perfect template to write about practically anything and everything. Really gets stuck in your head.

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