“Musical” #SoCS prompt for @LindaGHill

“Musical” #SoCS @LindaGHill

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“I like to blog in America!”

“I like to blog in Siberia!”

“I like to blog in Almeria!”



“Where is that?”

“You’ve never heard of Almeria?”

“Well, not until very recently, no.”

“We’re on the map.”

“Which map?”

“The world map of… places.”

“Which continent are you on?”

“We don’t believe in continents.”

“What? Everybody believes in continents.”

“Not everybody, so it seems.”

“Okay. What is the country next to yours called?”

“We call it Jimmizus.”

“You’re making this all up!”

“No, it’s true; Jimmizus is a wonderful country, as it shields us from the world.”

“So, is it like a mythological place, such as… um… Nirvana?”

“The band?”

“No. The place.”

“No, not like Nirvana; although we, too are strangely musical – we like grunge.”

“You’re kidding us – making all of this up. Almeria is just a figment of your imagination. Tell us something about Almeria.”

“It smells nice.”


“Yes. It’s lovely.”

“What does it smell like?”

“Oh, you know, teen spirit, and all that.”

“Now we know that you are having us on. What is the capital of Almeria*, tell me that


One response to ““Musical” #SoCS prompt for @LindaGHill

  1. Haha! I love it. 😀

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