‘Twas the meeting before Christmas! #LWG

‘Twas the meeting before Christmas!

LWG for 04/12/2018

Prompt: Christmas

‘‘twas the meeting before Christmas,

in old Stuart House,

and all the brave writers

were unaware of a mouse,

who was chewing on paper

whose fine words were at risk,

for they, the bold writers of Lisk,

had been careless as to where they stored their stories, kept their tales of seas and sails.

The mouse was oblivious

as to the worth of the words;

the adjectives sublime;

some similes quite fine,

and one compelling metaphor,

never heard before.

“Nibble, nibble!” nibbled the mouse. his stomach filling with verbs, as he happily chewed.

“When I grow up I want to be a writer!” He exclaimed. On and on he chewed.

“I’ve devoured many epics, some longer than need be;

short stories and poems-

the writers don’t heed me-

and I quite liked the comedy writings of some;

although they cause a funny

feeling when they got to my tum.

Nibble, nibble!” nibbled the mouse.

“And now for our homework!” was announced to the room. “Our prompt was ‘Christmas’. to brighten the gloom

of a dark December’s day;

who shall go first, start off reading today?”

They ‘ummmmed’ and they ‘ahhhhed’ and then one did speak:

“I’ve written a story about a Christmassy Week.”

The story told, the response quite pleasing, a circular route to read was now teasing. But, clockwise or widdershins? Which way would it go? It always varied, so no one did know.

“I’ll go next!” from the clockwise direction. The rest now relaxed by this natural selection.

“My story is about the state of the National Elf at Christmas!” We did laugh. And this was followed by many a fine sentence and adroit paragraph. Until the story had been told with sufficient aplomb. “That was most uplifting!” a voice spake from the room.

SO, clockwise we travelled, the stories well told; one about Christmas Trees, and one of The Old, Old Christmases before rationing ended; when an orange was thrilling, and a broken stick mended.

Then it came to my turn.

What should I say?

What had I written Upon Christmas, for today?

I took a deep breath…

prepared all my words…

and began:

‘‘‘twas the meeting before Christmas

in Old Stuart House…”

“Nibble, nibble, nibble!” nibbled on the mouse.

9 responses to “‘Twas the meeting before Christmas! #LWG

  1. I loved it, I mean your words in the meeting, leaves a wonderful poetical sound in mind… Thank you, Good evening, Love, nia

    • Almost as read out in the writing group meeting this afternoon – I did add on two older Christmas poems. Thank you, nia, and a good evening to you and yours. G:)

      • Sometimes I try to translate your poems to my Love, we smile together. You are lucky one because wherever you go in your country you can find some of poetry activities…. This is amazing… For me this is the great part of civilization… Yes, we have too but most of them are being a part of political or religion matters… poetry, art, literature is a captured equipment for them… So, this is why I am out of this world in my own language… Anyway, I talked so much, Thank you dear G, and have a nice day, Love from a rainy morning, nia

      • It is an honour to have some of my poetry translated into your language – though I am not sure that all of it would make sense. Perhaps the countryside /weather / places poetry might work – the nonsense doesn’t always make sense to me in English.

        I shall continue doing what I do – if that is of worth it you (and others( then it makes a difference. Thank you, nia. G:)

        Have a lovely day.

  2. Of course some of them are not easy for me, and to be honest sometimes I can’t catch the humour too… this is of course because of the language and also cultureal differences.. But in any case it is worthy for me. Sometimes I ask to myself too, what should a poem do to the one who reads… And also we know a poem doesn’t work in same touches for the readers… If a poet write a poem, it means there are several poems wit his/her readers… every eye/heart/mind will (can) find something related with themselves… If a poetry can make an influence in someone’s world, this is it.

    You are welcome and Thanks again dear G, Love, nia

    • Everybody has their own unique experience of life and what is stored up inside the mind is a fantastic grotto Of Words, Pictures, Ideas, Memories – all of which interact with each other to form all manner of strange combinations – well, this is how I perceive my mind to be – I find that what I am sees what there is and creates what I write – it’s personal and a little quirky – and doesn’t always work – although I think that I have honed my art over the years and I do surprise myself with what emerges on a daily basis. Long may our words give us pause to see the world – as do your wonderful images – I consider my words are just a diary of my life.

      Take care – G:(

  3. as I consider my photographs are just a diary of my life… 🙂

  4. Yes, exactly… art world is amazing…

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