“Prompt!” #SocS @LindaGHill


See here for Linda’s rules and ting

I don’t know what the prompt is for today, so I’m just going to wing it and see how many words I can write in 10 minutes. Hopefully 1 of them will be the prompt word, or my post will have some connection with the prompt – I know, this is quite random; but, I have ever been a random person.

The sea may be a possibility. Did you see that poem there? Where? Right there on the stare – a little poem with words in; well, I declare, going te-dum, dum, dum, te-dum on the stare.

No, not the sea. I did say the Sea-Word yesterday ‘Sea’. -nobody seemed to mind or even thought it a bit contentious on my part.

So, I said it again ‘Sea!’ in an exclamatory way – nada.

So, I stopped saying it and still nobody cared – what an apathetic planet I live upon – do you?

Moving on, the past, present, or future maybe the prompt.

Or a sidewalk in Sinsinatti (which isn’t spelled (or spelt) like that unless it’s the place on Zarquon 5 which is spelled (or spelt) exactly like that.

Fish or Llamas, bears or goats, 10-pound notes, bananas, or fruit in a suit – not bananas in pyjamas, that’s just silly.

Oranges, still fruit, and walnuts, mangoes, pavements, hair, water and coffee, tea, liquids of a sort.

Maybe, a shoe, a shop, or a shoe-shop could be the prompt.

A play on words. Type / tipe / tripe or the like – as if?

Lastly, it may be that I have missed the prompt by a country mile and cows, sheeps and the obligatory stile are not quite right either.

Food of a desert nature (or desserts) wine* or the like.

*10 minutes ended here.


PS The prompt was ‘ma‘ – did I include it one of my words? I think that ‘Llamashas it!



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