“Digest” SoCS prompt @LindaGHill

“Digest” SoCS prompt @LindaGHill

See here for Linda’s prompt

“ ‘Dig est!’ Is that Latin?”

“It may be, though it could be French.”

“I know very little French, even less Latin, can we just say that it’s not English?”

“We can. However, it may be important for us to find out what it says – otherwise it may be the missing clue that us Archaeologists were looking for.”

“That’s a lot of ‘maybes!’ “

“I know; but it isn’t everyday that you find what could be – I do say ‘could be’ here – a part of one of the oldest writings in English-Romano discoveries.”

“Yes, I see your trowel point.”

Archie studied the scrap of ancient parchment once more.

“It’s a shame that we only have the two pieces. Are you sure there is no more?”

“Well, Charli is re-checking the area as we speak.”

“Well , Charli won’t leave anything undiscovered. Good bloke, Charli.”

“Yes, ‘she’ is.”

At that moment Charli arrived with a strangely amused expression.

“I found a little more hidden under a rock.” stated Charli. “But, it’s not good.”

“Let’s see!” said Archie and Bradbury, almost simultaneously.

They studied the further scrap of potentially historical significance for a while.

“So…*” asked Archie. “Is ‘Rea ders’ also Latin?”

“No, I think we can safely say it’s Recent English.” smiled Charli. “Very recent.”

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