“Roll / Role” prompt – #SoCS @LindaGHill

“Roll / Role” prompt – #SoCS @LindaGHill

SoCS ‘Roll / Role’ prompt. See Here For More Details

It may be that I have a role in life, or it may be that I have a roll for lunch – I never know which.

And who can say, without using words, what the point is of a pencil.

I know, that’s a very old joke – but I am a very old joke myself; so that is allowed.

When I grew up I wanted to be a pundertaker! Well, no, I didn’t; but, as I’d written that line down earlier today, I thought I’d use it. I’m glad that I did. Or am I?

It’s just the same old rigmarole when it comes to creating the next new idea or thought – it’s no stroll in the garden – stroll, get it? Okay.

I suppose that I am just able to controll my punitising to reasonable levels – it seems like I am waiting for parole when I could be out on bail.

That was quite convoluted. A bit flakey – like a sausage roll, the Rolls Royce of breakfast items – or maybe the Morris Minor – whichever, it would be playing a minor role that I would really like to watch – like a Rolex.

Is that enough? I may just have run out of role / roll thoughts – how droll?

I shall end here with only 9:13 of my 10 minutes used.


2 responses to ““Roll / Role” prompt – #SoCS @LindaGHill

  1. A nice take on the prompt today!

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