“Let’s call the whole thing…?”

“Let’s call the whole thing…?”

You say Sardine

and I say Pilchard;

but, what is a Sardine?

If it’s not a Pilchard?





Let’s just call them fish!

You say Sardine,

in Tom-a-toe sauce;

I say Pilchard,

but not for the main course!

You say Nick Garvey

I say Matt Harvey –

who is Nick Garvey?

I’ve heard of Matt Harvey!

And what have they to do with anything?

Nick Garvey!

Matt Harvey!

Matt Harvey?

Nick Garvey?

Let’s call them up right now!

I spoke to Garvey.

And I spoke to Harvey.

He is a musician.

He’s a poetician.



Let’s sign a Poetician?

Is there such a thing?

In our world there is one now!

You say “Enough!”

And I say “Is enough!”

So let’s end

this nonsense

these words that have no sense

let’s end this thing right



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