“One Pun Too Few?”

“One Pun Too Few?”

“We live in the “Duchy”not the “Ducky’” i said.

But, he was still chortling over “The Duckys!” comment that he had overused to the point of distraction.

That’s the thing about Grae, he never quite knows when a joke has gone past it’s ‘Best by…’ date. And ‘Use before…’ also, makes little sense to him.

No wonder he is often greeted by the blank stares of incomprehension, and then had to climb up them, reaching the very top, only to find, that at the bottom of the stares had been the place to stop.

And on with the next pun, please.

“Man goes, in a fruit shop….”


5 responses to ““One Pun Too Few?”

  1. pronunciation, is a matter for me, made me smile this piece. “There were children in the Church party with their beers because it was a day bring your teddy beer with you…” when people laughed I understand what I did, bear and beer…. (and right now it did another mistake too, tedy/teddy, ah this beautiful language..) Thank you, I enjoyed, I know where is Duchy now and also I know what’s ducky is…. 🙂 amazing. Love, nia

  2. Cold and windy here… 🙂

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