Dogfish & Catfish

Dogfish & Catfish

Some people like catfish.

Some people like dogfish.

Some people are torn between the two –

not ‘literally’ of course –

But, have you ever considered

that a catfish may act like a cat,

and a dogfish might act like a dog?

You could never take a catfish for a walk;

and a dogfish that barked would be strange

a catfish meowing to be let back indoors,

once in, meowing to be then outgoing;

-no change!

And a dogfish eating your sofa,

chewing your slippers and socks;

howling to be taken for ‘walkies’

fetching thrown sticks, picking up rocks.

Catfish and dogfish

fighting like cats and like dogs;

dogfish chasing catfish

and then chasing their tales;

Catfish bringing in mice, birds, and occasional snails.

We’d surely love them to pieces

and treasure their worth

If these two fish species

ever walked on the Earth.


2 responses to “Dogfish & Catfish

  1. Who named them I wonder this now, why dogfish and why catfish…
    And I searched a little bit…
    Another amazing poem… Thank you dear G, love, nia

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