The Place (and Plaice) I Love

The Place (and Plaice) I Love

The Place I Love by The Jam

When The Jam sang about ‘the place I love’ being ‘a million miles away’ they weren’t talking about fish.

Then again, a million miles away is not a realistic distance for a place (or a fish-type plaice) to be away from anyone, anyway.

A million miles away would get you well past The Moon (which is somewhere between 225,000 and 252,000 miles away from the Earth) and well on your way into nowhere in particular.

So, if you had to go to the Moon and back, twice, that would be about a million miles travelled. But, you still wouldn’t be a million miles away from anywhere on Earth.

Plaice (the fish) swim in the sea. They have no knowledge of interstellar travel and live their lives without having to dwell upon mathematics.

BTW The plaice I love is called ‘flatty’.


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