#SoCS – “Point” #LindaGHill

Linda G Hill’s #SoCS – “Point’

See here for details

“Over there.”

“What is?”

“The body.”

“The body of what? Or whom?”

“The body of the text!”

“Oh! You mean that ‘widows and orphans’ thing?”

“I do.”

“How droll.” Helvetia muse for a while. “So, what is your point?”

“I hate it when people start a sentence with ‘so’, it really gets my goat.”

“So, you have a goat.”

“No. I just get a little annoyed with the idjuts that use ‘so’ instead of writing in a better style.”

“Like wot you do?”

“Yes, like ‘what’ I do. It’s just laziness on the part of the writer.”


“So, what?”


“Childish. That’s what you are.”

“And your ‘point’ being?”

“Oh, why don’t you grow up?”

“Rhetorical? Sodium. Socrates. Social. Solution. Sobriety. Song Thrush. Sonar. Sock!”

(Points) “There is the door.


“So, use it and get out of my sight.”

“Sore loser!”*

*and that was where my 10-minute time allowance ran out. So, I stopped.


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